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Céline Pinckers

Work 2d, Rue des Brasseurs Liege 4000 Belgium Cell Phone: +32 (0)496 64 44 19 Website:

Biographical Info

Céline Pinckers was born in Visé (Belgium). She studied choreography in Liège. Driven by her interest in theatre costumes, she then headed for the Helmo Institute, where she studied fashion design. She eventually decided to devote herself to female ready-to-wear, but her first passion left an indelible mark on her work, imbued with the nostalgia of clothes from past times and the attitude of the women that used to wear them. That is why Céline Pinckers initially insisted in dressing women from top to toe. She learned the art of hat making with Elvis Pompilio and studied feather techniques. Her longing to find the essence of her nostalgia finally drove her to concentrate on lingerie, where her vision of a dreamy but self-reliant femininity is represented and reinvented day after day.

Céline Pinckers invites us to open the cage of memories. She explores the memory of the bodies by the clothes they wear, their gentle madness and grave insouciance. Outside their cases, silk materials caress feathers that, on their turn, tickle the silk. Fabric birds smoothly land on the tiny, circular track of a hat. Photographs tell us about a train to take, about the intriguing intimacy, hidden behind a veil, about a bar where female delicacy is highlighted. Here, lingerie, clothes, nostalgic accessories, plastrons and lace are not a goal on themselves, but part of a whole world to discover.

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