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Carole Wilmet

Biographical Info

Hi, I’m Carole, freelance illustrator and pattern designer.

I’m inspired by the everyday life. In a society where fame is so appealing, I’m more interested in everyday people and in all the so-it-seems insignificant actions that we all do everyday. In my work, I try to catch a part of the 21st century life in our usual habits, adding to them a touch of colorful inks. Living in the beautiful Belgian countryside, nature is also a great source of inspiration.

I mostly work fashion and editorial illustrations but I’m available for all kinds of commissions. I have worked for several brands in the fashion industry such as Diesel, Astor Cosmetics, Armani and for many well-known magazines too, ELLE Belgium, Gala, Marie-Claire France, Runner’s World Magazine…

Since 2014, I run my own brand of home decor, Wilde Things. You can check the online shop here:

Thanks for stopping by!

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