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Atelier Marchal

Work 64 Rue du marché au charbon Brussels 1000 BelgiumWork 14, Rue des Filles du Calvaire Paris 75003 France Work Phone: +32 (0)26147986 Work Phone: +33 (0)983582473

Biographical Info

Marchal is an identity. As direct as a family name can be, as inner and personal.

Marchal expresses a philosophy and a way of working. It names the manufacturing, the highest-quality finishing, the efforts and care put into every phase of design. Marchal design is essential. We make functional, luxury pieces. Marchal is a brand for connoisseurs, where materials and workmanship are of major importance. Marchal believes in traditions and invest in Europe selecting Italian, Spanish and French tanners.

Leather has always been at the heart of the brand, it’s in Marchal history as a cultural heritage.

Marchal supports family business, relying for its production on a workshop with more than 50 years experience incrafting high-end leather goods. Marchal identity goes beyond logos, is made of details and finds its beauty in proportions. Marchal believes in dialogue and our designs are developed in a collaborative way.

Our inspiration is in people, is in our times.

Marchal has confidence in intuitions. We take risks, we refuse commercial choices and we do what we believe. Marchal does not sacrifice ethics for benefits. Our business is valuable to society and transparent in its principles. The brand is bundled to who we are, to our feelings, to our consciousness. Marchal speaks with its products. We create luxury pieces at a responsible price.

We belong to such companies who think of the consequences of what they do.

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