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Astrid & Arhur

Contact: Astrid TALPE
Work Felix Verhaeghestraat 14 Waregem 8790 Belgium Website:

Biographical Info

In Astrid’s case, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

She inherited her creativity from her mother and grandmother. As she was a young girl, Astrid knitted clothes and accessories for her dolls, her creative spirit has only grown over the years.
During her first pregnancy of Arthur, she found it hard to find clothes that fitted her personal style and taste. For that reason, she decided to design her a pregnancy clothing collection under her own label, Astrid&Arthur.

The Astrid & Arthur label, brings fashionable and festive high end clothing with a twist of nostalgia towards iconic women from our history as Jacky Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn. The clothing line symbolizes the story of the active woman who strives to stay elegant and beautiful during her pregnancy. Pregnancy is a beautiful moment in a woman’s life and earns a certain pride that reflects in her clothes.

We hope this collection can let you shine, furthermore we want to congratulate you on your pregnancy.

Enjoy a period of astonishment and affection.


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