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Work Archimède Beachwear sa Avenue Zénobe Gramme 21 Saintes 1480 Belgium Work Phone: +32 2 367 95 00

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The Belgian brand ARCHIMEDE was founded in 1989.

It grew very quickly and became famous for developing a highly original product: the “floatsuit”. The concept is unique! Swimwear is fitted with integrated floats which keep the body afloat and allow children wearing it to coordinate their movements. It allows the smallest children to gain confidence in the water and to learn to swim.

Over the years, ARCHIMEDE has also launched other innovative products for children, including “double protection” swimwear, a more convenient alternative to disposable nappies, UV protection swimwear and complementary accessories such as beach shoes, hats and caps, T-shirts and sunglasses, all designed to perfectly match the brand’s swimwear.

Today, ARCHIMEDE is recognised as THE specialist in swimwear and beachwear fashion for children from three months to 12 years.

The brand is distributed in more than 35 countries and sold in prestigious outlets such as Harrods in London, and Le Bon Marché and Les Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

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