Flanders Fashion Institute (FFI) is now Flanders DC


Beginning in 2016  Flanders Fashion Institute, Design Flanders and Flanders DC joined forces. A year later, they have  fused together the expertise and strengths of the three organizations. The result is one organization with one team, one program and now… Continue Reading

re-Launch of 2 new websites: www.Chaussures.be – www.Schoenen.be


A new week, 2 newly updated websites. www.Schoenen.be and www.Chaussures.be. Check them out.   The websites form the largest shoeshop in Belgium and display more 100.00 shoes that are avalable in different online shops. Daily checks garantee the biggest choice. Top brands,… Continue Reading

BelgianFashion launches update : www.LittleDavid.be


Check out the new summer collection on www.LittleDavid.be BelgianFashion.com updated the website for the spring-summercollection 2017.Find out where you can buy it near you. Responsive design, HTML5 CSS3, JQuery, AJAX Is your website outdated ? Contact BelgianFashion.com and we will… Continue Reading

Dcember: Nomination for ‘LES MEILLEURS DE 2016’ ‘THE BEST OF 2016’


We are very excited to announce that Florien Pénard co-founder and creative brain behind DCEMBER has been nominated for‘LES MEILLEURS DE 2016’  ‘THE BEST OF 2016’ Category MODE/ FASHION C’est du Belge VOTE FOR DCEMBER! Candidates we support within the other categories are Simon Denis, Stéphanie Crayencour, Caroline Swolfs,… Continue Reading

C’est du Belge


C’est du Belge ondersteunt onze Belgische modetalenten, gevestigde waarden en debutanten, Zij zijn de trots van ons land. Daarom lanceert C’est du Belge de prijs lanceert ” Best of 2016 ” samen met onze partner Paris Match. De prijs is… Continue Reading

Un formation à la conception de projet culturels, ça booste vos capacités…


…et c’est ce que l’Association Marcel Hicter pour la démocratie culturelle vous propose avec sa formation Res Urbis : 6 jours à Flagey, des exercices pratiques sur le cycle d’un projet, des exposés sur la ville, les subventions, la culture…… Continue Reading